Sunday, September 28, 2008

Agile Methodologies, trend or what?

Alright, there's so much nowadays on agile software development methodologies; is it just hype? is it just a new trend in the profession "software"?

No it certainly is not; I'm relatively new to this "agile way" and from what I have been experiencing so far, this"agile way" is definitely "the" way, the holy grail of this art of software development. Agile methodologies are not policies and procedures, they are not a set of rigid ways to create software; they are so "cool"! so cool? Yes, ask anyone these days how they like "facebook", they'd go "facebook! it is so cool!".
We usually dub things as cool when they are so much in line with what we want and what we need; when they give us ways of doing things better, faster, or in brief, when they click with what we have in mind, yet we did not know about it.

That's why agility in software development is so darn cool! it is the as cool and neat as object-oriented design and development has been to software. We so wanted things to be agile on software yet we did not know it till it evolved and matured.

There's a lot to talk about when the word "agile" is heard; you'd hear praises, "not bad" comments, resistance comments; you'd hear experiences, advice, unique experiences stories and more.

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