Sunday, January 24, 2010

Agile Capability, Maturity, Integration for People

Inspired by Alistaire Cockburn's Aikido learning Shu-Ha-Ri model and the CMMI framework, I came to think of personal and professional growth in a model that I refer to with CMI Capability, Maturity , Integration.
Everday in our life we get to learn a new "Capability" or a new way of acheiving a certain goal; we get to nurture this capability and perfect it through learning from others, reading, trying and failing, practicing till we reach a certain level of "Maturity". While doing that we learn other "Capabilities", and the cycle starts again and again. At a point in time, we start to have a mash-up of of "Capabilities" in varying levels of "Maturity" and without realizing it, we grow an interconnected mesh of "Integrated" "Mature" "Capabilities".
In software development paradigm, only those who became aware of and work relentlessly, iteratively, and incrementally towards "Integration", are the ones who make change and lead the pack.
Start now, always seek "Integration", for it is only then you shall realize true value of your actions and postively influence others.
Read and watch Christopher Avery's blog "Will Smith on Living and Success" writings and speeches!
Mouneer Rabie, Alistaire Cockburn

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