Monday, March 8, 2010

chronicles of a UX and agile project: from early failure to "disputed" success

This is the synopsis for the experience report I submitted to agile2010 conference. Please review and send me your feedack
The report will show an interesting experience for an agile project with “disputed” success; with the biggest winner being UX user experience. The chronicles will tell the story from RFP all the way through the second successful release; the challenges, failures, and successes of an agile method. What will be highlighted the most is how agile and basic UX practices were utilized to discover the users real needs and their barriers to accept a new enterprise system. This report touches the importance of team unity, team members qualifications, and the concept of agile generalized specialist.

Learning outcomes:

How UX can succeed with agile
Qualified general specialist UX designers/developers are pivotal for project success
How to be prepared for agile to expose problems early
How root cause analysis is needed in dealing with challenges in agile teams
How to facilitate effective discussion on the what and how of features between customer, UX designer and team


Sara Medhat said...

i love the topic, and i think you have strong example to make your point clear :)

Unknown said...

Two proven methods are worth to mention (not sure if you have it already):
1. the mind maps: navigational flow (as site map), cross features/pages flow.
2. mockups, mockups, mockups: balsmiq or even paper; all must be stapled with the Story Card. Plus, you can always visualize animation with team/client on the tool site, such as jQuery and the like.

Both methods have proven success with my web projects.

mouneer said...

Thanks Sara and John for your feedback.
John, your points are right on track.
Sara, I will definitely use your help and that of the rest of the team to build the report :)