Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Developers" for Human-Centric Applications

A great software community event just took place in Cairo, CairoCodeCamp where Yasser Makram and I got the chance to introduce the concepts of experience (UX) applications and how to think of their development as craft-based practices to achieve the right balance and satisfy user needs.

We tried to avoid the use of terms agile or lean till the end of the session in order to have attention focused on UX and the definition of developers. We referred to a developer as any member in a software development team where everyone is sharing in the development of a successful solution that achieve the balanced richness and reach to its intended users.

We also built on Alan Cooper's ideas about how the UX designer/developer needs to be committed to the creation of the software just as any other member in the team particularly the programmer; and what they need to do to achieve that. We emphasized that Rich User Experience is not always about beauty, not always about having a lot of features, not always about fancy animation , and certainly not always about absolute ease of use. We put together a definition for the term that it is the complete human experience that is enriched through the interaction of human senses and sufficient use of SW, HW, and effects.

We added that in anything we do or make there are 3 aspects:
• Mechanical aspect
• Mental aspect
• Emotional aspect
And we craft a software solution for success we need to think of the three aspects.

There are many technologies, platforms and tools for creating rich UX applications and products, we must not get stuck on certain path but we need to make the choice that helps:
• Achieve the right experience
• Multiple levels of experience
• Pay attention to the difference between the 1st experience and the continuous one
• And always be directed towards serving the user needs.

Finally we showed a high level description of a process for creating great UX applications based on Jeff Patton's recommendations and our recent successful experience.

Thanks for everyone who attended the session and we are really thrilled for the overwhelmingly positive feedback from Adel, Walaa, Ahmed Shreef, and MemoZiner .

The presentation is available for download as PDF here.

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