Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Technologies in Egypt e-government services

Here are the answers in response to the question:
How do you feel when all Egypt e-gov services are based on Microsoft, Oracle & IBM proprietary technologies?

Yasser Makram: This is the difference between employees and visionary leaders, an employee will go for the safe option and the big name not to get fired. A visionary leader will take risk and value the independence from proprietary companies and invest in the growth of local talents.

M Tantawy: this makes one feel "e7na mad7ook 3alena gamed" :S

Heba Ammar: Thrilled when the website loads then extremely frustrated when I discover that the services i want r not working ! irrelevant answer but this is what pops up in my mind whenever anyone mentions egov services

Mohamed Elnady: 3ady , mezabateen

Ahmed Abdelhameed: I feel that we rock :P

Amr Aboelel: popular commercial technologies ya mouneer! there is no trust in Egyptian S/W (if any) :))

and more to come on this topic ...


Unknown said...

In Egypt we are not a technology makers. we are just a users. even when it comes to programming. and most of the developers here just took some programming courses, not a computer science degree. so as a conclusion of the hole situation, they will go with the easy way, whether they know its safe or not and whether its expensive or not.

BTW checkout disqus, its a plugin for blogger to replace the current commenting system, i really hate the commenting system on Blogger, UX ;).

MT said...

I'd like to add an explanation to my reply to yr question.

Many countries, migrated their governmental e-services to run on opensource software, which for sure saves a lot of money, by using cheaper software & more important, cheaper hardware that one won't need to upgrade every now and then!

But, here in Egypt, the government keeps buying proprietary software & technologies, which are pretty expensive, needless to say the "ser2a" that happens in each & every deal, this is covered by the expensive software & hardware upgrades.

Discussing this issue always makes me very nervous, seeing all those people stealing under the name of upgrading & updating.

I hope that one day, we'll migrate to open source, i think oracle & IBM offer open source software, i.e. we can get software from reputable companies.

In the end, i wanna thank you for including my reply :)

mouneer said...

Thanks Seif for your comment. The question now is what are going to do about this?
Alternative ways are necessary on all levels to focus on proper progamming practices and embrace all technolgoies options. We have a lot to do in the community!

Thanks for the plugin hint; I shall try that :)

mouneer said...

Thanks MT for your contribution.
The good news is that Egypt is starting to retain great talents in software development. I'm sure together we can make a difference!

Unknown said...

I'm still in college so there is nothing that i can do. But if i ever created a software company, i will use opensource solutions.

Servers OS
Ubuntu-Server: Easy to use, with Cloud support.

HTTP server
Cherokee: is very fast HTTP server, with amazing web GUI control.
Apache: Most used HTTP server.

Database system:
CouchDB: Document oriented DB.
MySQL: The most used DB for the web.
Cassandra: Column oriented DB (used by Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, and others)

Python - Django
PHP - *
Ruby - Ruby on Rails

JQuery + anything.

The problem is now, after i finish college, i don't know how i'm gonna work when every good company is a partner and using Microsoft's tools.

mouneer said...

There's a lot you can do. Start spreading what you learn of open source technologies and more importantly current good programming practices at your college.
There's a big group of professionals who are willing and already started to help. We will be giving various sessions at Ain Shams university very soon.

MT said...

keep us updated please about these sessions, it'll be great to attend them

Ghada said...

i feel though we are so innovative outside, we cannot be innovative inside.... there is no real collaborative community which may get to have an open source community -for example- and collaborate on leading a brilliant software development environment

mouneer said...

here are the confirmed coming events:
Agile Software Gathering of Egypt ASGE and UXers (User Experience) groups joint event; today Monday April 12th 2010 http://www.agileegypt.org and http://www.uxers.net

Also next week Saturday April 17th 2010, Ain Shams Univ COMPASS event with various technology topics, one of them is introduction to Agile and Lean Software Development Concepts and Methods

mouneer said...

Ghada, you are right, but the change is already happening through community activities and the pace is picking up very fast. So let's participate and make the difference!