Monday, June 7, 2010

3 Reasons Why Everyone Must Start Listening to Audiobooks & Podcasts

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Picture yourself happy and smiling amidst all the frustrated drivers stuck in rush hours traffic? Yes, this is possible; here's one way to become the happy driver :)
Audiobooks and Podcasts are 2 great ways to learn, they are just as important as reading books and articles in any domain of interest. Here are the 3 reasons why everyone must start listening to audiobooks and podcasts:
  1. Double your positive time utilization: Audiobooks and podcasts are extremely efficient ways of learning; one can learn just about any topics while doing something else like listening to a book or podcast while running, walking, driving, cooking or even cleaning the house!traffic jam
  2. It is like Reading on Steroids!: Listening to a topic gets your mind engaged in a fascinating way, your brain is always engaged, visualizing and imagining what you are listening to, relating what you hear to your work, and life if you ever listened to radio, you will definitely know what I'm talking about; if not, then you must start listening to your first podcast or audiobook NOW!
  3. You will not fall asleep while listening (usually :)): In our activities-packed lifestyle, listening rather than reading gives us a new way for getting focused knowledge fast, and better yet, since you are usually listening to a book or a podcast while doing something else, you will hardly fall asleep.
Start NOW:
  • Podcasts are free, make use of that if you have an iPhone or an iPod, check it out at Apple's podcast site
  • Many audiobooks are free at Gutenberg project
  • You can always invest in buying audiobooks at Amazon as well.

Learn and Enjoy


Unknown said...

4th reason :) : improve your accent either english or any other language you listen to said...

i eat audio-books,
while going home and Exams :D
i finished 4 books during exams' weeks

mouneer said...

aren't they great!
also, you should consider podcasts; you will find a lot of interesting topics.
I hope we start seeing Arabic audiobooks as well.

Mostafa Nageeb said...

Really Nice post ... I never heard of this site before ...

Thank you .. said...

YES,there are Arabic audio books