Friday, August 13, 2010

Women in Software

Women in IT or Software:

The Observation is that the number of women in Software or IT who attended QCon 2010 London was very small, around 2 or 3 % of the attendants were women. This is nothing compared to the number of women attending agile 2010. The percentage of women attending Agile 2010 maybe somewhere around 40%. (these numbers are based on my observations and they don't reflect actual statistics).

QCon focus more on technical aspects of software development while Agile 200X harnesses more diverse topics related to enhancing the software development life cycle in general with somehow equally distributed sessions and workshops for technical and non-technical subjects.

My interpretation is that women in software are more into business, quality, team facilitation, and management rather than programming and operation. And this could explain the huge difference in numbers of women attending two events like QCon 2010 London and Agile 2010.

Please post your explanations to this observation.