Monday, December 27, 2010

Matrix "I know Kung Fu!" method of learning; is it here yet?

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Yes, it is the same topic again, Audio Books and Podcasts. Until the time learning becomes as easy as they used to do it on Matrix the movie like when Neo learnt Jujitsu in a jiffy :
I so believe that one (if not the only) accelerated learning tools available is audio books.

But isn't video more superior than audio version of any knowledge? Yes it is, and No it is not! here's why:

  1. You can augment the value of your time vertically by listening to an audio book while doing something else; stuff like but not limited to the following: driving, running, walking, cooking etc.. In case of a video version, you cannot do that.
  2. While video version might be superior since it engages the visual sense as well, the audio version of knowledge is an imagination igniter; it keeps your mind in a continuous active state of visualizing and linking what you are hearing with your experiences and previous knowledge.
  3. You can harvest a lot of knowledge in so little time; have you ever thought that you can read 2 books or more in a week!

The benefits of exposing one's mind to various knowledge areas are countless; this is beneficial to one's professional, social and spiritual life. If you think reading and learning is a lengthy process and you hardly have the time to finish your work and have some fun, then you definitely need to consider Audio Books now.

The pace of discoveries, inventions, knowledge is accelerating exponentially; listening to Audio Books is just one way to help us keep up with this pace. Whether you have an iphone, ipod, zune, a mobile phone that plays music, an MP3 player, a flash that goes into your car audio system that has a USB interface, then all you need now are the books. You can buy , borrow, or download them.

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More Arabic audio books available here. Click Here

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