Friday, January 7, 2011

Are You in A Winning Team?

People in the making of software; when you discover your winning team, work your a** out to stick to that team; it does not matter then whether you do agile, lean, waterfall, fountain, CMMI level X, ad-hoc or whatever,  why?

  1. Because you are success will be augmented
  2. Because you will keep learning
  3. Because you will be in the state of doing what you love without the disturbing noise of an often-storming teams
  4. Because the team will help you grow exponentially
  5. I hate to say this word, but I will -synergy- :)
How do I know I'm in the right team?
  • you are able as a team to produce results NOT status reports and justification and blame emails and meetings
  • you are looking forward to go back to work everyday
  • you are learning something new everyday
  • you trust that everyone in the team and trusting their intentions to produce positive results, outcome (in our case working software and a happy user)
  • you and your team when facing problems, you focus on root causes and how to solve the problem at hand rather than on circumstantial events and blaming

WARNING: if you notice that a team member is focusing on maximizing his/her own wins and securing their position regardless of the collective outcome nor the well-being of the team, then DO something about it or RUN! because "any team will perform to the level of the person who cares the least about what the team is doing" quoting Christopher Avery. This means if you really care about what the team is doing and you do nothing about the least performer, you and your team will only achieve just as little as that least person who cares.

I worked with quite a few great teams and I'm so lucky to continue to work with one of the most effective trustworthy high performing team now that I'm going to work my a** out to stick to and grow. 

For a great source on teams in software and other domains, I highly recommend Christopher Avery's blog and sessions here And here's an interesting video and presentation by Mr. Avery


Sathya said...

Good blog

r u still working in Santeon

I am Arun from India

mouneer said...

thanks Arun!
with we started a new e-solutions business line. simply we use the right combination of software, hardware an communications tech to serve the pharmaceutical market.