Friday, August 12, 2011

How do you prevent scope creep in agile projects when usability testing?

The question "How do you prevent scope creep in agile projects when usability testing?" was posted on and since sign-up to this site is invitation only, I thought I'd try to answer this question here:

In a fixed time and/or fixed "scope" projects the struggle is to attempt to fit as many features as possible within the pre-set time span, and to guess the best possible set of features that will satisfy both users' and stakeholders' needs and goals. in our team we came to learn that editing, prioritizing and re-prioritizing the always growing backlog to fit into a certain timebox is best done thru collaboration of product owners and UX folks (and the rest of team) using models like "Kano Model" or the model where you can slice and distribute features/MMF/MVF (or whatever you call it) into essential, safety, convenience and luxury categories; then continuously expose your daily, weekly etc.. decisions to both project goals and actual users and stakeholders feedback (after each iteration, release, cycle). Jeff Patton has some great insights on this very topic that have been of great help

More to come on this topic soon.

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